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Utah Pest Control

Pest control is utah is very important. At Jitterbug Pest Control, we strive to be responsible. We will use programs that are site-specific, that control pests while being aware of all risks to the environment. Jitterbug uses safe pest control options in Utah homes and Utah businesses. Jitterbug Pest Control will customize service to your home. Our objective is to safely control any pest that might already be in your home, and to carefully prevent others from nesting on your Utah property. Jitterbug uses products that can be used in hospitals, day cares, and other delicate locations. Our Utah Pest Control service is about customization. Each Utah home is different and our service can include thoroughly treating the exterior and interior of your home. Outside, we are prepared to treat your property in any type of weather. We focus on all entry points and proactively search the property for any signs of pest activity. We also knock down spider webs up to fifteen feet. Inside, Our Utah Pest Control Jitterbug services will treat baseboards and/or inject product into wall or floor voids to kill the bugs that roam the inside of your walls and floors. Often, Jitterbug will use specialized baits and gels to safely eliminate infestations. We will customize any other work to your home that deems necessary.


"When Joe came to my door, new to the neighborhood. He said he would always take care of things. He has. Heather and Joe make things easy. They are on time. They make the scheduling easy and they take time to get to know you. Fast & Secure in what they do."--A.F.

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