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Rodents in Alpine, UT

Homes and Businesses in Alpine, Utah use Jitterbug to solve their spider control and other safe pest management needs. We customize our service and offer the best bang for your buck.
Some of the pests that are included in service are Rodents, Flies, Garden Spiders, Crickets, Clothes Moths, Yellow Sac, Pillbugs, Voles, Centipedes, Firebrats, Rodents, and other bugs and pests.

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Rodents in Alpine, UT


Rodents compete for the same food, water, and shelter that are used by humans. They adapt extremely well to almost any environment. They can multiply at astounding speed, and will breed throughout the year. Annoyance is not the biggest problem rodents bring to humans - but their ability to bring sickness and disease. Murine typhus, Rickettsial Pox, Salmonellosis, Rat-bite Fever, and the Hantavirus are only some of the sickness that can be passed from rodents to humans (via feces, urine, fleas, or actual bites). At Jitterbug Pest Control, our experts are trained to look for entry points into the home, and can address the areas of rodent activity, protecting your home.



(Body 3-4 inches, tail 3-4 inches, large ears, small eyes) House Mice are found in every neighborhood. They are nocturnal animals (doing most of their work at night). So if you are seeing them during the daytime, you have a problem! Because of their size, mice can enter into a home through a hole as small as a quarter inch. Mice are very curious, and get into almost everything, and are known for spreading filth.

Norway Rat

Norway Rat

(Body 7-10 inches, tail 6-8 inches, small ears, small eyes) Norway Rats are also called "House Rats" or "Sewer Rats". They are the largest rodent that commonly infest homes. They are more cautious than House Mice. Outside, they will burrow in the ground to make their nest. Inside, they often build their nest in garages or other protected areas. Fires have been caused by rats gnawing on electrical wires. Norway Rats can jump up to 3 feet and as far as a yard. They sometimes attack when threatened or trapped. Norway Rats can eat 20-40 lbs of food per year while contaminating much more.



(Body 3.5-5 inches, tail 1 inch, stocky build and small eyes, and shorter tail distinguish them from true mice) Voles are also called "Meadow Mice". They breed year round and do not hibernate. If conditions are right there can be up to 500 voles living on 1 acre. Their population size can vary each year. The greatest damage often happens during the winter when snowfall is heaviest. Spring/Summer damage can go unnoticed because food sources are readily available. They can have many surface runways or underground tunnels with many burrow entrances. These outdoor pests can ruin your yard.

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  • Box Elder
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  • House Spider
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  • Wolf Spider
  • Wood-Destroying
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Yellow Sac


    Wasps / Hornets / Yellowjackets
    Box Elder
    Box Elder
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    Stored Products
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    Bed Bugs
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    Other Pests


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