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Spider Control in Utah

Spider Control
Watching eight hairy legs moving quickly across your floor or walking across a sticky web, not only can be annoying, but can be very scary for some people. Most children are terrified by spiders - and many adults too. Let's face it, we'd rather be a Utah Ute fan living within a BYU family's home (or vice versa), then live with spiders. Spiders can be dangerous too! Black widows, Brown recluse, and Hobo spiders shouldn't be trying to build a spider metropolis around any home! Many will ask, "How do I get rid of Spiders in Utah?" this year. Some will look for the best pest control companies in Utah to get rid of spiders. They might not want the cheapest pest control company in Utah, but they want an effective and affordable pest control company in Utah. They want one that they feel comfortable with and can refer their friends and family to. With over a decade of spider control experience, Jitterbug Pest Control can help with all aspects of spider control in Utah. So Spider Proof Your Home! Here a few things that can help:
  • Eliminate all Spider harborages that might be around your home. Tall weeds, wood piles, rock piles, messy garages/sheds and any other "clutter" can give spiders ideal areas to live and breed. Some beautifully landscaped homes also have rock walls or other crevices that lead to a high spider population.
  • Exclude all spiders from your home. Walk around your home and look for openings where spiders can enter. Caulk, cement, cover with mesh screens, etc...
  • Pick the right products! The best spider control product is so important in effective spider control in Utah. First of all, you want a product that is safe to use around your family and pets. But you also want something that will actually work! A Micro-encapsulated product is by far the best product to use to get rid of your spiders. Spiders do not have spiracles like other insects. This is way your typical insecticide will not be so effective on spiders. Sure, by killing other insects on the property, it will help eliminate some of the spiders' food source, but spiders also eat other spiders. A micro-encapsulated product is best because as a spider walks across the product, these micro-sized poly bubbles will attach themselves to the spider. With time, these bubbles open to expose the active ingredient to the spider. This active ingredient is designed to be lethal to the spiders. This treatment lasts longer and within a short period, you'll notice your once highly populated spider metropolis reduce itself to a spider ghost town!
Oh, and Jitterbug Pest Control is the best pest control company in Utah.


"The treatments are effective and I know that if I continue to have problems, they will come back and retreat. Easy to schedule with them. Heather is so nice, explains things so I understand it. They take their shoes off and are courteous and respectful of my home. They are quick, yet very thorough and punctual. A great company to deal with! I would recommend them to everyone!"
--Jennifer K.

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